Mauro Carbone


Mauro Carbone is Professor of Aesthetics at the Faculté de Philosophie of the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, and a Senior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. He is the founder and the co-editor of the journal "Chiasmi International. Trilingual Studies concerning Merleau-Ponty’s Thought".
Influenced by phenomenology, in particular by Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy, his present researches focus on the connections between philosophy and contemporary visual experience. Among his recent publications: The Flesh of Images. Merleau-Ponty beetwen Painting and Cinema, Suny Press 2015; Être morts ensemble: l’événement du 11 septembre 2001, MetisPresses 2013; An Unprecedented Deformation: Marcel Proust and Sensible Ideas, Suny Press 2010. His next book is forthcoming this Fall under the titles Philosophie-écrans, Vrin and Filosofia-schermi, Raffaello Cortina.