Antonino Pennisi


Antonino Pennisi is Professor at University of Messina, where he teaches Philosophy of Language, Ethology and Philosophy of Language and Psychopathology of Language. He is Director of the Department of Cognitive Sciences, Psychological, Educational and Cultural studies at University of Messina and since 2000 he is also Director of the Ph.D Program in Cognitive Science. His main research interests are in the evolution of morphological structures and socio-cognitive functions and in the notion of performativity in the theory of cognition, visual arts and photography. Among his recent publications: Darwinian biolinguistics. Theory and history of naturalistic philosophy on language (ed. with A. Falzone), Springer 2016 (in press); L’errore di Platone. Biopolitica, linguaggio e diritti civili in tempo di crisi, Il Mulino 2014; Il prezzo del linguaggio. Evoluzione ed estinzione nelle scienze cognitive (ed. with A. Falzone) Il Mulino 2011; Storia e tecnica del linguaggio fotografico, Rubettino, 2004).